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In this table you can find all the main courses recipes with pictures to be combined with other dishes, either a starter or a first course. You can find the recipes grouped by ingredient: fish, meat and also and vegetarian recipes. We have main courses with chicken, meat, fish, vegetarian main courses. Italian traditional main courses recipes with also lamb, sheep and mutton.

The pictures are linked directly to the photographed recipe, the text to the table of ingredients. The Italian name is linked to the Italian site.

saute spaghetti


Italian main courses: recipes with pictures

main courses with meat
mean courses with meat

main courses with fish
mean courses with fish
vegetarian main courses
vegetarian main courses


chicken cacciatore Italian style

meat main course

a traditional and tasty recipe of main course easy to make

pollo alla cacciatora


  cod Livornese

fish main course

easy main course recipe and suitable also for frozen cod

merluzzo alla livornese


roasted potatoes and onions


vegetarian main course

vegetarian recipe of main course,it can also be a single course

       rosticciata di patate

battered chicken breast 

meat main course

a haute cuisine main course recipe which makes a poor ingredient tasty and flavored

pollo in pastella


Atlantic bonito baked in foil

fish main course

an easy main course recipe for a common fish

palamita al cartoccio

icon icon

white beans "al fiasco" (in the bottle)

white beans in the bottle

the traditional main course recipe of tuscany

cannellini al fiasco

icon iconicon

lamb chops with oregano


meat main coursea light and quick main course recipe: perfect for the summer.

costolette di agnello con origano

cuttlefishes stuffed with prawn tails in tomato sauce

fish main course

a main course recipe with mediterranean flavor

seppie ripene di code di gamberi

fried sage

vegetarian main course

the traditional main course recipe of Umbria, easy and tasty

salvia fritta

veal escalope with mushrooms

meat main course

a traditional main course recipe for the winter

scaloppine ai porcini

flan of cod

fish main course

a creative and easy recipe for a fish main course

sformato di baccalà

pan fried duck breast with spelt and beans


meat main course

this main course recipe combine many flavors and is easy to make

petto d'anatra allo scalogno con farro e borlotti


john dory with cognac baked in foil

fish main course

this main course recipe magnifies the meat of this fish


san Pietro al cartoccio

truffled guinea fowl baked in foil


meat main course

haute cuisine main course recipe, but easy to make

faraona tartufata al cartoccio


minced stockfish salad Ligurian style

fish main course

a traditional main course recipe of Genoa very tasty and easy to make


lamb chops with herbs 

lamb chops with herbsa easy but very tasty main course recipe, with a Mediterranean flavour

agnello alle erbe


turbot with potatoes

fish main course

an easy main course recipe suitable for every day

rombo con le patate

sheep meatballs in tomato sauce

meat main course

a traditional main course recipe for cooking the sheep meat

polpette di agnello in salsa di pomodoro


sea bream baked in foil

fish main course

this main course recipe is easy and quick to make

orata al cartoccio


baked lamb leg with potatoes

baked lamb leg 

a tasty main course recipe for the lamb

cosciotto di agnello con patate

icon icon

ray wings with lemon juice


fish main course

an easy, quick and cheap main course recipe

ali di razza al limone


veal escalope with artichokes

meat main course

a traditional main course recipe of the northern italy

scaloppine ai carciofi

pan fried turbot with sage


fish main course

a light and delicate main course recipe

rombo alla salvia




pan fried grouper with lemon juice

fish main course

a low calorie and tasty main course

filetti di cernia al limone


homemade smoked sea-bream

fish main course

a very easy and tasty low calorie main course

filetti di orata affumicati


saute spaghetti



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