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Preserved foods recipes

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In this table we present preserved foods recipes with pictures and jams. You can find all the most traditional recipes of preserved foods suitable to be stored for many months or, because of their particular flavor, to be eaten immediately alone or combined. For the jams we propose recipes with a low quantity of sugar, but suitable to be stored without any problem and preserving the fruits flavor. We call sweet preserved food recipes marmelade, jam abd jelly. The salted preserved food recipes (without sugar) are canned and bottled food, Pickling is another way to make preserved food. Very popular in Italy to preserve food in olive oil.

The pictures are linked directly with the photographed recipe, the text to the table of ingredients. The Italian name is linked to the Italian site.

pickles, jellies, jams, marmelades: recipes with pictures step-by-step

pickled zucchini

recipes of preserves 

salted recipes

recipes for jams
sweet recipes

canned wild boar salamis

preserved salamis

a Tuscan recipe for preserved food 

grape gelatin

preserved grape

jelly for making cakes and to combine with seasoned cheese

gluten free icon

canned hot peppers

canned hot peppers

a canned italian appetizer

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elderberry jam

elderberry jam

an  easy and cheap recipe for an healthy jam

marmellata di sambuco

whole peeled tomatoes

whole peeled tomatoes

the authentic traditional recipe for canning tomatoes

pomodori pelati

gluten free icon

strawberry jam

strawberry jam

the traditional recipe for jam in spring

marmellata di fragole

gluten free icon

garlic in olive oil

garlic in olive oil

a traditional recipe for pickling to be combined with salamis

aglietti sotto olio

mulberry jam


mulberry jam

a very appreciated recipe with a great taste

marmellata di more di gelso

gluten free icon

preserved zucchinis/courgettes

presenrved zucchinis or courgettes

a traditional recipe for pickling easy to make and very tasty

zucchine sott'olio

gluten free icon

cherry gelatin

cherry gelatin

an excellent recipe for jelly to be combined with cheese

gelatina di ciliege

ham ends canned in olive oil

preserved ham ends

a traditional cooking technique for preserving foood for a creative recipe

prosciutto sott'olio


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