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how to make pan di spagna 

 pan di spagna pan di spagna

all the preparation steps for making this basic recipe with pictures of tronchetto di natale, spongy cake made with pan di spagna 

PREPARATION: instructions with pictures step-by-step

action sauteing spaghetti


pan di spagna making

blend potato flour with wheat flour, the pan di spagna will be softer

p ut sugar into a great bowl

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

add two complete eggs to the sugar. Use the albumen only of other 4

add salt for a well spongy dough

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

whisk the batter with electric egg whisk. Artusi suggests 30 minutes when using a hand egg whisk

you can save 10 minutes and whisk for 20 minutes if using electric whisks, but do not whisk for less than 20 minutes

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

the batter will be ready as soon as pale and  dense as in the picture on the left

the dough is ready now add a pinch of sugar and salt and whisk also the albumens

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

mix the cocoa with flours

add  the flours with cocoa to the dough, a little at time

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

stir well the dough, it will become very dense

add the whisked albumens, one spoon at time

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

blend by stirring gently from top to down


spread the dough onto the baking pan make the dough as thick as required. It can be less or more flat.

pan di spagna making
pan di spagna making

pre heat the oven at 300 F (150 C) and bake for 45 minutes do not open during  baking or the cake will droop

Should you use a flat dough 40 minutes can be enough, the thicker is the dough the more time is required, up to 50 minutes. Use a tooth picker for seeing when ready. It must remain dry.let the pan di spagna become tepid in the oven, for avoiding it to droop

pan di spagna ready
pan di spagna making

should you use the pan di spagna for making the tronchetto di natale pay attention to cut it while hot, otherwise it will be impossible to roll it

with this dose you can prepare tronchetto di natale for 6/8 persons

pan di pagna rollinh

pan di pagna used

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