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  tub gurnard: description and Italian names 

Long and thin body at the rear part, completely scaled with  small scales , unless  the ventral forepart. Large mouth and sharp snout. The superior jaw is more prominent than the lower, both with small sharp teeth. It has 2 dorsal fins with thorns, anal fin, round caudal fin.

Brown-red colour on the spine, sometime maculated, whitish in the belly,  12-30 in (30-75 cm) in length. It eats small fishes and crustaceans, which hunts on the bottom.

The Italian name cappone is due to the cry emitted when caught, similar to a grunt. The other Italian names are gallinella and mazzola

Its taste is very delicate, but bony, for this reason is suitable for soups (better to slice it to fillets and use the carcass for the broth) or for sauces. 

 When fresh the tub gurnard's scales are glossy and red, and the eye is not veiled.

how to cleanse tub gurnard


cut bellyafter rinsing cut tub gurnard's belly
if the tub gurnard is fresh the intestines are clear and with good sea smellopen gurnard's belly
remove gurnard's intestinesremove intestines with your hands and rinse tub gurnard again under cold running water for removing blood
now with scissors cut the tub  gurnard's fins and the tail. If you decide to use it in slices do not trash the heads: froze and keep for a fish broth/stock, they will give a good flavourcutting gurnrd's fins
tub gurnards
tub gurnards

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