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Italian cuisine
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italian cooking This site has been designed for all those who love cooking  and eating ... By now, we have introduced  texts of our cooking recipes in Italian, English,Spanish and French  but our goal is to provide service in all languages more widely in Europe and in the world, in order to make our cuisine more known. We update our site monthly and  want  increase our recipes also on demand. For this reason we will be monitoring  continuously all the visits and improve the most visited sections. As we have a wide range of recipes with pictures step-by-step in our Italian version  would like translate at first those of more interest. For this reason you can either post an inquiry to with the name of the recipe present in our Italian version and not yet translated or require a specific recipe. We will doitalian cuisine at our best for publishing!  

We do also our best with translations... but any correction, or suggestion are welcome!
We are trying to improve, give an opinion!
Italian cuisine is a rich universe of traditional and creative recipes that we propose in variations that we experienced and we have convinced.

clip artA  "visual" site because each recipe is with pictures step by step, so you can find not only italian cooking recipes, but also many Italian food pictures. When you find this symbol or a picture click on it and you will be directed to the photographed recipe, with all the pictures step-by-step.


italian cookingItalian cuisine at home: a cuisine  prepared with equipment of a normal household kitchen, cooking times and preparations that are obviously different from those professionals, and doses  to adapt to the needs of a modern family or to a dinner with friends. In this area you can also found kitchen tools and curiosity about preparations made either  with traditional tools or with the  home cooking technology.


In our fan page you can find comments and responses to your requests and in our blog news and commentaries to some arguments regarding the Italian cooking.

italian cuisineSmall instructions for foreigners: it is an information and advice to present in the best way  the dishes, and how enjoy the Italian cuisine. Of course you can also find instruction about how eat spaghetti.

The words of the Italian cooking: especially in the Italian cuisine, the names of ingredients change from region to region, and the words used in the cooking language  are often difficult to understand to non-experts. The Italian cuisine is in the fact a sum of many regional cuisines, with different words also for the fishes, meats, tools, vegetables. For this reason we have translated all the names of the dishes  and made tables with descriptions of the Mediterraneitalian cookingan fishes used in our recipes and a description of the cuts of the meats. We have also a part with a description and translation of all the actions  and all the techniques necessary for cooking the different dishes, as " brown, steam" and so on... It could be helpful for all the people coming in contact, for different reasons, with the exciting worldof the Italian cuisine. Our services are always in progress, you will find every new area in our guide to the recipes as soon as ready..

special celebrations

We have created special summary tables with grouped all the recipes typical for special celebrations:  for the cakes for All Souls Day and Halloween, recipes for Christmas, recipes for Easter. All the recipes have pictures of each preparation step.


italian cooking

In our guide to the recipes you can find each information necessary for finding quickly  the arguments of your interest.

 italian cuisine recipes

italian cuisine recipes

italian cuisine recipes


italian cuisine