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making bisciola recipe


How to make Bisciola, Italian cake made with buckwheat, traditional cake for Christmas. Recipe with pictures of each cooking step.

Instructions: making dough and cooking bisciola

christmas bells


figs sultana and grappa

soak the figs and sultana/raisins in the grappa during one day

add to the grappa  a same quantity of  for a softer flavor and add to the fruits until covered

add water

mixing flours

mix buckwheat flour and common wheat flour and sieve

add sugar (integral if you like) and some salt for leavening

add sugar

chopping coarsely

chop coarsely walnuts and hazelnuts

if you haven not a mortar you can put in a towel, wrap and roll over with a rolling pin: do not chop until a flour

how chop ingredients

chop lemon peel

chop the lemon peel

drain the figs and cut to small pieces

drain and cut figs

sqeezing to dry

squeeze to dry sultana/raisins

cut the butter to small pieces and add to both flours

add butter

melting yeast cube

melt in  lukewarm milk the yeast cube

pay attention to the temperature: if too cold or to hot the yeast will die and the dough will not swell

melting yeast

add yeast

add the yeast to both flours

knead well and add the egg

add egg

add dried fruits

add the dried fruits and knead again

now the figs and sultana/raisins

add sultana

adding honey

at the and the honey, mix well: it is important to blend well

the dough consistence should be creamy and and rather sticky

if you have a bread machine you can put the dough into, knead again and let it leaven

it will be leavening at least one hour in a warm place

dough in knead machine

bisciola before ovening

as soon as the dough will be swollen about 30% spread onto a baking pan coated with moistened and squeezed oven paper. Try to give a round form, a little higher at its center

pierce gently the bisciola surface making two lines across from one side to the other

piercing bisciola

spread egg

spread on the surface a little beaten egg

put into a preheated oven at F 400 (200 C), possibly ventilated

after 15 minutes decrease the temperature to F350 (180 C) and after other 15 minutes to F 300 (150 C)

put into oven


this sweet is good cold, but tepid is really fantastic as emits perfumes at its best: try it!


 cooking bisciola

cooking bisciola

cooking bisciola


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