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Italian cuisine
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 how to prepare the sfogliatelle ricce

    sfogliatelle ricce

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PREPARATION: making dough and shaping sfogliatelle ricce step-by-step

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Boil the semolina in  salted water, putting it into the pa as soon as the water boils


semolina stirring

Stir at intervals and let it cool
doughin the meantime prepare the dough:
in a bowl mix the flour, the granulated sugar
a pinch of salt and a little of cold water with OZ 3,52 (100 grams) of sliced butter


kneading dough

Mix  well
until you obtain a ball smooth, elastic and not sticky. Let in stand by for at least half an hour sfogliatelle dougy


in a bowl mix the ricotta,  the candied fruits, cinnamon, vanilla,  and the icing sugar and one egg with the semolina. Stir well and let in stand by
making stuffsfogliatelle stuff
Roll the pasta very thin  thin dough 
sfogliatelle dough making if you prefer  use the pasta machine instead the rolling pin
cut it to rectangles having the same dimensions

(to be repeated)


dough layer

butter on layer

put the butter in one half

(to be repeated)


cover with the other half.

(to be repeated)


melt butter

rolling pinPress with a rolling pin until the butter will be incorporated into the dough

(to be repeated)

Roll the dough and put into  the refrigerator for half an hour. Then take the dough again, unroll and repeat the operation for incorporating the butter. Pay attention: you have to repeat the same operation as shown above for each roll.
rlling pin As soon as obtained a very thin dough. Roll it again and put into refrigerator for half an hour
Take the roll again and unroll. The dough will become more and more elastic, but use always the rolling pin for turning up, as now it should be in 80 (2 mt) long and in 0,04 (1 mm) thin, he longer is the dough the betterdough layer 
as soon as your dough is very thin, grease your hands with butter or lard and grease slightly the dough, for increasing its elasticitygrease dough
roll dough roll the dough for obtaining a thick roll: its diameter will be the size of the sfogliatella


should the dough become longer than the table roll the first layer and join each to this manner the roll will increase in volume


join dough layers 
 layer rolllet it rest in the refrigerator again
when cool cut the roll to slice of in 1/3  ( 1 cm) thickslice dough 
dough rhomb roll until a small rhomb

do not push or they will not become curled

it is possible to use your palm, for better controlling the pressure and giving a concave shape: this is the most critical phase of the recipeshaping sfogliatella 
stuffing sfogliatella stuff sfogliatelle ricce
fold the sfogliatelle carefully by joining the sidessfogliatelle sahpe

sealing sfogliatelle

and by turning the bottom up you will obtain the characteristic shape
preheat the oven at  F 390 (C200) : put the sfogliatelle on a baking pan covered by an oven paper sfogliatelle 
spread beaten egg spread the beaten egg on
put into the oven for 20 minutes, then 20 minutes again at F 360 (C 180) and, if necessary, 10 minutes again at F 300 (C 150)sfogliatelle in oven 
sfogliatelle ricce better if oven is ventilated, for a more homogeneous baking. The best is to serve them tepid
but also cold are very good sfogliatelle ricce
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