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roast lamb leg

roast lamb leg

roast lamb leg


cooking lamb leg, recipe with pictures

baked lamb leg 

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PREPARATION: step-by-step photographed recipe

lamb recipes


take a lamb leg. Ask your butcher to  cut the bone, at home it is difficult leg lamb marinade
leg lamb marinadethe day before cooking marinate lamb leg with white wine, laurel and pink peppercorn
put lamb leg into a bowl  of the same size of the leg, so you will not use more wine of the necessary

cover completely the meat, seal with a film and put in a fresh place for at least one night

leg lamb marinade
cooking lamb legjust before cooking lamb leg remove the meat from the marinate. You will see that the acid of the wine began the cooking process: it makes the meat tender and with less odor
chop and mix the aromascooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legcoat with them the lamb leg, pressing well
all over the surface and inside the cutscooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legnow insert into the lamb leg cuts garlic and bacon
push  them deep inside the lamb leg: it makes the roast tender and flavoredcooking lamb leg
cooking lamb leggrease with suet or lard a baking pan

the suet or lard makes the cooking perfect without burning

put the lamb leg on the pan and, if the leg is not well coated, add aromas againcooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legput lamb leg into the oven at F 400 (C 200) for 20 minutes: in this manner you make the cuts sealed
take the lamb leg and turn up to down gentlycooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legput lamb leg into the oven again at  F 350 (C 180): pay attention not to make it dry

turn up to down lamb leg at each 40 minutes, for making it always greased and with an uniform cooking

one hour before serving lamb leg (not less) peel the potatoescooking lamb leg
cooking lamb leg and cut to regular cubes
rinse under cold running water

dry them well

cooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legadd aromas, also dried
take a little suet or lard and grease the potatoes for one minute, they will be well greasedcooking lamb leg
cooking lamb legadd the potatoes to lamb leg and finish the cooking
salt lamb leg and serve baked lamb lag
baked lamb leg

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