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how to make the beans of the dead

beans of dead

how to make multicolored cakes for Halloween, brown, pink, white. Making Beans of the dead, Italian traditional recipe fo All Souls day and Halloween. Recipe with pictures

INSTRUCTIONS: making dough, color and shape



ingredients of beans of dead

for this cake it is used, for leavening, the ammonium bicarbonate, rather easy to find: it will make your beans swell very soon!

chop the almonds until a powder, should remain some little coarse piece do not worry, it is ok

chopping almons
blending flour for beans of dead

blend flour with chopped almonds powder, sugar and ammonium bicarbonate

heat the oven at F 320 (C 160)

split the dough and the lard into 4 parts (you will prepare 4 kinds of beans and will use 1/4 of these ingredients for each kind)preparation beans of dead
adding alchermes to beans of the dead

begin with the pink beans, that have a soft cherry aroma, due to the alchermes or cherry liquor

spread the liquor onto the dough

add 1/4 cup (50 cc) of milk, it will be enough for making the dough softmilk in beans of dead
pink beans of the deadadd the lard  and knead well the dough, it should be soft
by using two spoons make the typical shape you see here beside and put onto on a baking pan covered with oven paper

keep the beans not too close each to other as they swell very much

beans of dead on pan
beans of the dead put into the oven, better if ventilated, and bake for 20 minutes

while the beans with alchermes (or cherry) are baking prepare those with cinnamon

preparing beans of the dead
beans of the dead with cinnamonadd the cinnamon powder to the second dough quarter
add 1/4 of milk and 1/4 of lard and blend wellbelendig dough beans of the dead
cinnamon beans of the deadalways using two spoons prepare the second baking pan with the beans on
put into the oven as soon as the pink beans are readyovening beans of dead
cocoa beans of deadin the meantime prepare the dough for the beans of the dead with cocoa powder: Use always 1/4 of lard and milk


take the pink beans from the baking pan and let them cool, in this manner they will loose completely the ammonium smell

on the same oven paper put the cocoa beans

cocoa beans of dead
vanilla beans of deadat the end prepare the white dough, with vanilla flour, by adding the vanilla aroma to the remaining dough and lard
put onto the baking pan where you have taken the cinnamon beans from and put into the ovenvanilla beans of dead on a pan
beans of dead on a tablelet cool completely the beans of the dead

if stored in an aluminum box they remain good for 15 days...but we think they will not remain stored during a so long time...

here you have your cakes for Halloween!halloween cakes



beans of the dead

beans of the dead

beans of the dead


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