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 making semolina gnocchi dough and shape


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PREPARATION : making dough and shaping semolina gnocchi step-by-step

semolina gnocchi

semolina gnocchi Salt the milksemolina gnocchi
semolina flourPut the semolina into the cold milk and boil stirring continuously stir milk
until a dense dough, the dough  must be homogeneous and not too dry semolina gnocchi dough
Grease the frying pan with a little olive oil. In this manner you avoid the gnocchi to stick to the frying pangrease oven pan
oven panspread the dough onspread dough
With a wooden spoon and your  fingers, wetted with cold water, spread it well, making a dough about 1/4 inch ( 5 mm) highdough
colling doughlet it coolpress dough
glass on doughCut the dough to small disks, using a glasssemolina gnocchi
For the storage  put  into a hermetic container   or cover with a film, in this manner it will not become too dry. You can store up to 3 days.

semolina gnocchi


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