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striped Venus clams: description and Italian names

chamelea gallina

striped venus clams

Striped venus clams, Italian name vongole, are bivalve molluscs, widespread in the Mediterranean Sea, Caspian and East Atlantic, can be found invenus clams sandy or muddy bottoms up to a depth of 15 meters. They are subdivided in “vongole veraci” and common, depending on their size: the "vongole veraci" are the greatest. On the market they are available both from hatchery or from sea, however more rare. The products from the ocean are cheaper but less tasty ,due to the lower water temperature, and more difficult to cleanse.

It is possible to buy  also frozen and canned,  but we find that they lose their sea perfume, that is the essence of this food.

cleansing striped venus clams

cleansing striped venus clams

For cleansing they must be put into fresh and salted water for at least 2 hours, in this manner they spit all the sand out. Then, depending on the recipes,  it will be possible to open them in a closed pot over high heat or add to sauces and dishes baked in foil

cooking striped venus clams

striped venus clams cooking requires few time, in any case the cooking time must be short (5 minutes) or they become rubbery, hard and insipid. Preserve always the water used for cooking: it is excellent for many recipes, specially for adding to the water used for boiling seafood spaghetti.

venus clams cooking

stripped venus clams


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