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Italian salamis types

italian salamis

Salamis presentation picture: in the tray above left you see strolghino and salsiccia passita, in the wooden tray below right spicy napolitan salami and wild boar salami, in the dish below left mortadella salami and above right lonzino. In the center focaccia bread

in this table you see the pictures of the most common Italian salamis, all also used for preparing the Italian starter. The Italian starter is of course a choose of some of them and this choose depends from each region and area. So in the north you can find cooked ham and "prosciutto ham" with salami and bresaola and carne salada, while in the central regions guanciale, capocollo and salami, in Emilia Romagna mortadella salami ,cooked ham an ciccioli.  You can find a wide description with pictures of all the pork meat cuts  and beef meat cuts in our table

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culattia salami

sauteing spaghetti


“guanciale salami

This salami is typical of Latium. It is prepared by salting and aromatizing the jowls and then  seasoning. It is the basic ingredient for the amatriciana sauce.

guanciale salami

spalla cotta

It is a salami usually of lower quality than the cooked ham, however in some valley of the province of Piacenza is produced a very appreciated smoked quality.

spalla cotta salami

mortadella salami

very famous salami of Emilia Romagna called also "Bologna"

the utilized cuts are shoulder, fresh ham, some parts of the flank, throat and guanciale. It must be put into natural sausage skin and aromatized with pepper and other spices. It is available either with pistachios or without. 


mortadella salami


The shoulder meat is utilized for the "insaccati", particularly for the salami of better quality, also in this case it is important them to put into natural sausage skins

italian salamis

he great variety of Italian salamis make to us impossible to explain all of them in this small area: with small or great grain,  aromatized with wine or various spices,  they are since the ancient Rome the most appreciated and exported products. We can mention the Piedmont salami with wine, the very famous salami of Felino, the Cacciatore, the salami "Milano" with small grain, the Finocchiona of Tuscany...

Pancetta salami

obtained from the half-fat part of the pig belly, seasoned and spiced

Pancetta salami

pancetta salami

smoked, hot, spicy or simply seasoned is a salami widespread in Italy. It is available "plain" for cooking and rolled, for eating raw or for rolling the roast.



in the fact they are a residues from the lard processing. They are the  membranes  supporting the fat,  that remain after boiling. After a 6 hours of boiling they are removed from the melted lard and pressed.

Ciccioli salami


bacon fat

The fattest part of the belly.

Very famous the variety of Colonnata it is widespread.

It is the basic ingredient of the pesto modenese

 Lardo salami

coppa e capocollo

shoulder blade

esteemed part in the pig , unlike in beef and veal. It is the name of the salami produced with this cut. Raw may be grilled or stewed in the oven. Common also the slices. It is quite fat, but extremely soft.

The name coppa is used in Northern Italy, while capocollo in the other parts.


coppa capocollo 

Prosciutto ham

Prosciutto ham

Milder as the Parma and San Daniele or more salted as the ham from Tuscany, they are all to try. The production techniques are kept as valuable secrets and guarantee quality to an Italian world famous product.

sliced prosciutto ham

About the hams we should create a special section: we can divide in crudo, (raw), (i.e. dried and preserved with the famous "salatura", the salting ). Among them we can include "Culaccia" and "Culatello" (here below you see the culaccia)
culatta salami

however the processing with the wine and the boning  make these last two ham varieties very particular

Prosciutto cotto

cooked ham

available:  al vapore (steamed) , affumicato (smoked) or  al forno (baked)

prosciutto cotto ham

Once wrongly considered a second class product it is a very good traditional salami of Northern Italy.

Agreeable for eating combined with bread in the "panini" is a basic ingredient for many traditional and creative recipes

Bresaola salami

The bresaola is the typical salami from the Valtellina, the valley on the border with Switzerland, that obtained the IGP from the EU. Proofs of the production of this salami are dated 1650.

The etymology can be connected to the Germanic word "Brasa", meaning brazier. In the ancient time for  making the rooms dry and keep the temperature constant people used braziers, where they burned pine wood aromatizing the smoke with juniper and laurel.

Bresaola salami

It is produced utilising the "magatello" and the "punta d'anca" ( an other name for the scamone) of the adult beef; the meat at first is salted , spiced and with pepper added. Then put into sausage skins and seasoned. 

The result is that bresaola has few fat, but a good quantity of iron and protein, and also  salts. It is then suitable for IPO caloric diets, but inadvisable for elderly  and hypertensive people.  

Nutrition indication:

Carbohydrates: 0; proteins 29,4; fat 4.6; water 56; cholesterol 66; sodium 2733; calories 159

Carne salata = Carne salada (salted meat)

It is a very old recipe born for maintaining the meat for long time. In the Trentino area was it was usually the process of smoking.

it is eaten rough, in carpaccio and also cooked


Carne salada

The beef meat, generally the fesa of manzo, cleansed and cut to compact pieces weighing about 4 or 8 lbs (1 or 2 kg) is put into a particular earthenware pot called Pitàr and brined with spices, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, laurel, sage and juniper added.

During this time the meat must be turned upside down every day, paying attention to put on the upper part the parts situated on the bottom and adding, if necessary, aromatic white wine, for avoiding it to dry. The conservation is made in a fresh place and with constant temperature at no more of F 42-46 (C 6-8). This meat is eaten sliced to very thin slices, either rough or cooked, combined in this case with borlotti beans, extra virgin olive oil of the lake of Garda and onion finely sliced.

pork shoulder salami

italian salami types

italian salami types

italian salami types

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