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recipes for ray 

Batoidea is a superorder  of cartilaginous  containing more than 500 described species in thirteen families. They are commonly known as rays, but that term is also used specifically for batoids in the order Rajiformes the "true rays". Batoids include string rays, skates, electric rays, guitar fishes and sawfishes Batoids are flat-bodied, and, like sharks, are a species of cartilaginous marine fish, meaning they have a boneless skeleton made of a tough, elastic substance. Batoids also are like sharks in having slot-like body openings called gill slits that lead from the gills. Both the eyes and the sensorial organs are on the dorsal part. At the lower part is the mouth  with 36-45 toots  (plain in the female and sharp in the male), the nose and the gills. The tail is very dangerous, as it is a mighty weapon with many thorns. It eats fishes and molluscs and is a very efficient predator. On the market it is quite impossible to find it entire, but the ray wings are cheap and easy to find. The ray wings cooking is in the pan, baked, or fried. It is easy to remove the cartilages  when the fish is boiled. The meats are soft and delicate.

 ray wings recipes with pictures

baked ray wings



ray wing

Cheap and easy to make and with a delicate taste: try them


baked ray wings


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