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The description and the Italian recipes of the sea fish 



  The swordfish (pesce spada) : description and Italian names 

(Xiphias gladius)

The swordfish, as the only member of the family Xiphiidae, can be distinguished from other billfishes (Family Istiophoridae) by the shape of its prolonged "bill", which appears as a flattened oval in cross section. The bill is long relative to other billfishes and adults lack teeth in the jaws. While the young have scales, these are lost by the time the fish attain a body length of about 3 feet (1 m). Adults lack scales and teeth. The body is generally cylindrical. Two dorsal fins are present, although the second is quite small, separated from the first, and set far back on the body. The first dorsal fin is high and rigid. Likewise, there are two anal fins, although again the second is considerably smaller than the first. Pelvic fins are absent. The caudal fin is lunate, while the caudal peduncle has a pronounced keel on either side. The lateral line is also present in specimens up to 3 feet (1 m) in body length, but it too is lacking in adulthood. Prior to adulthood, swordfish morphology changes greatly. The colour is blackish-brown above, fading to a lighter shade below. The fins are brown or dark brown.

In Italy it can reach  6,50 feet  (2 m) in length (also 32 feet/10 m were found)  and  882 LBS (400 kg) in weight.

The traditional area of fishing in Italy is the island of Sicily , where many recipes are available.

In the literature  “the old man and the see” celebrates this fish in an unforgettable manner, but many legends about this fish are written, specially related to its aggressiveness. It seems it can pierce through the ships with its sword.

The meats are sold in fillets and are white, pink streaked. The taste is intense and the consistency  nicely soft.  

The Italian swordfish recipes proposed by Italian Homemade Cooking



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