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Homemade panzerotti dough making


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 Preparation:  recipe with pictures step-by-step

The dough for  the panzerotto can be prepared the day before, and kept in the refrigerator sealed with a film, but it is essential to fill them just before cooking, otherwise the dough will be pierced


preparationIn a bowl combine the milk and water at room temperature or just lukewarm. Mince the cube of yeast and  meltpreparation
preparationadd the olive oil and put into the mixer, or into a bowl if you use it



Add the flour, then the salt and sugar. The sequence is essential because the yeast does not enter directly in contact with salt and sugar, or the mixture will not  swell.


If you work by hand mix well until the mixture  becomes smooth and silky.  Put in a warm place (above the radiator) after having sealed the bowl with the film. Otherwise you put  in the machine and set the program for dough and leavening


As soon as leavened sprinkle with flour the counter, knock over the pasta and slightly sprinkle also the dough with flour, so that will not be sticky. With the dough form a shape of a sausage


With your hands form the balls of dough necessary for the panzerotti : as smaller they will be as more stuffing you can use .



With your fingers flatten the balls of dough forming  diskettes. They should be more subtle on the edges than in the middle.


as soon as stuffed they must be fried either in the fryer or in in a pan

panzerotti in fryer 


there are many possibilities for filling the panzerotti. We have grouped the recipes in a summary table.



panzerotto dough making

panzerotto dough making

panzerotto dough making


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