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how to prepare potato gnocchi with tub gurnard and ginger sauce

gurnard gnocchi

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PREPARATION: making gurnard gnocchi step-by-step


peel ginger

peel the ginger and rinse the vegetables

chop the ginger and then chop the garlic, do not chop the them together


steamed tub gurnards

eviscerate the fish, rinse and steam for 15/20 minutes

while the fish is steaming prepare the gnocchi following the basic recipe, it is easy

gnocchi shaping

peel gurnards

using two spoons peel the tub gurnards

then take the meat, paying attention to the bones: the tub gurnard has delicate meat but it is very bony

boning tub gurnards

brown gurnard

brown the fish at low heat with olive oil and garlic

filter the water where you steamed the fish in and keep it apart


add cornstarch

add a tablespoon of cornstarch to the fish broth/stock, it must be cold or it will be condensing forming a ball...

with scissors mince chive and add

mince chieve

add tomatoes

add tomatoes

add fish broth with cornstarch

makinggurnard sauce

making gurnard sauce

stir well and cook at very low heat and do not cover for avoiding the tomatoes to melt

in a great pot with salted boiling  water, or vegetable broth/stock, put the gnocchi

boil gnocchi

boiled gnocchi

they will be ready as soon as emerging

it takes from 4 up to 20 seconds

pick up gently with a skimmer

taking boiled gnocchi

saute gnocchi

stop the heat saute the dumplings in the sauce

you must saute and not to touch with a spoon or they become melted

add chopped ginger and put gently the dumplings on the dishes. use a wooden tablespoon

add ginger

gurnard gnocchi

serve immediately



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