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Italian cuisine
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how to make piadina, italian traditional plain bread 

 cooking piadina

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Preparation: making dough and cooking piadina step-by-step

piadina iron pan


in a blow sieve the flour for making the dough for piadina to check that it is free from bugs and make it soft.

lard and sugar in flour

Add sugar and salt and mix well. If you wish add aroma as wanted. Add salt and sugar and mix.


add the lard a little at time and knead well


Add salt and sugar and melt in the milk the cube of yeast

add the milk with yeast to flour slowly

milk and yest

knead the dough for piadina and stop as soon as you get a smooth ball  not sticking neither to your hands nor to the counter, but remaining elastic.

dough for piadina

Place the dough for piadina it into a clean bowl, cover with a film so that it is fully sealed and put it  in a warm place  (near a radiator is enough)

dough for piadina
dough for piadina and rolling pin

After some hours the volume of the dough for piadina will increase from 30 to 50 percent. It is ready to be rolled. You can also store the dough for piadina in refrigerator for a few days (better raw than cooked)

ball of dough for piadina

cut the dough for piadina to small balls (the measure of a tennis ball.)

rolling dough for piadina

With the rolling pin roll the dough for piadina until a disk, thick approximately 1/12 inch (2 millimeters)

 dough for piadina

balls of dough

shaping piadina

If the shape of the dough for piadina is not well regular, cut to circles, helping you with a dish

dough before cooking

if you put the circles of dough for piadina on a dish divide them with some paper, or they will become stuck

Heat the "testo" i.e. the earthenware tool, or a simple pan of iron, and place the disc of dough for piadina. Pierce it with a fork at intervals of around 1 in  (3 cm) and begin cooking piadina

piadina on testo

As soon as  bubbles are forming on the surface turn it. It takes 2 or 3 minutes for piadina

piadina cooked

if you do not serve immediately cover the piadine with a cloth, to keep humidity and heat. For tasting piadina at its best serve hot


piadina on testo 

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