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when an Italian recipe is traditional?

We made the new table of Italian traditional recipes, following a demand of many visitors. But it is very difficult also for an Italian to distinguish a traditional recipe from a creative. here we have some criteria for answering to to answer: when a recipe is traditional? There are many dishes that you can find in every house or in many restaurants all over the peninsula, that every body consider traditional like spaghetti with lobster (all'astice), but created in the last 50 years.   Other dishes created at the same time quite disappeared, while other recipes existing also at the time of the Roman Empire like the sorbets, are surviving with success also nowadays. After that we have products like pasta or spaghetti which can be combined with every kind of food: of course you can have a meal without spaghetti, but you can eat spaghetti combined with a great variety of sauces: meat, fish, vegetables, cheese. So whether you go into your vegetable garden or in a shop and buy simply one vegetable and you cook with some olive oil and one clove of garlic you can have a recipe possible to find in millions of Italian houses! It is a traditional recipe of italian cooking or not?  The pasta is traditional, the vegetables with pasta and the olive oil also...

We must also remember that the Italian cuisine is a sum of many regional cuisines. If you want to eat a Sicilian speciality in Milan or in Rome it is not available in all the restaurants, but only in the Sicilian restaurants. So in the big towns we have the restaurants of the regional cuisines exactly like a restaurant of Chinese or Indian cuisine. In your country you go to eat to an Italian restaurant, we go to a Sardinian, Sicilian, Roman, and so on. In each region a restaurant has only the cuisine of its area. 

For this reason we made our table basing our choose on the following criteria:

a traditional recipe must be at first of one region, for the reasons just described here above. Other recipes can be available in many regions having the sea as common element.

The other element  is the age of the recipe. We consider the recipes at least 80 years old: in this manner we have those surviving the fashion and  are either described in the old texts or bequeathed  to the younger generations by the old mothers.  

At the end we have the ingredients: they must be available in the region where the recipe comes from. So you can find recipes more widespread or other available only in one town or in a very restricted area of a region. 

We hope to give an idea of our cuisine at our best, should you wish some further information  you can post your enquiry to, we will answer from the site as soon as possible. In fact our mission is not only to give recipes, but also to make more known our culinary traditions and products. In Italy it is possible to eat very well everywhere, we want to make it possible also at your home, if you wish to eat Italian style.


testaroli with pesto genovese

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