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sea fish recipes

The description and the Italian recipes of the sea fish 


The scorpion fish: description and Italian name 

scorpion fish


(Scorpena Scrofa)

largescaled scorpion fishThe Largescaled scorpionfish are a family  (Scorpaenidae) of mostly marine fish that includes many of the world's most venomous species. The family is a large one, with hundreds of members. They are widespread in tropical and temperate seas. Here you can find pictures of the scorpion fish and how to cleanse and remove dorsal fins and scales.

General characteristics of family members include a compressed body, ridges and/or spines on the head, one or two spines on the operculum , and three to five spines on the preopercle. The dorsal fin  will have 11 to 17 spines, often long and separated from each other, and the pectoral fins will be well-developed, with 11 to 25 rays. The spines of the dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins all have venom glands at their basis.

The red scorpionfish can grow up to  23,60 in  (60 cm) , but the common length is from 7,87 in (20cm) up to 11,81 in (30 cm). Its colour is very variable, due to the fact that is a mimetic fish; usually is brown-greenish with darker spots. Also black qualities are available, of same value. The  smaller scorpionfish called "scorfanotto" , is instead less valued.

scaling scorpion fish Due to its excellent meat is very requested and huntedremoving dorsal fins from many divers, however difficult to catch due to its mimetic aptitudes, and its poison on the dorsal spines.

It is suitable for many preparations: simply boiled, in the soups, sliced. It is delicious in sauces for  pasta and spaghetti. Unfortunately it is also very bony, so  a careful cleansing of scorpion fish is required.  


clip art scorpion fish

 Italian recipes with scorpion fish  proposed by Italian Cuisine at Home