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The cod is a fish from the body tapering, with tail to spatula, living in schools, measuring about ft 5,20 (1, 60 metres) in length and weight 100 lbs  (45 Kg). Spread to the seas in the North and in the Mediterranean Sea , in Italy it is easily found in the Tyrrhenian Sea , while in the Adriatic arrives up to the Marche region;

Of this fish is used everything, and in so very different: manners: who does not remember "cod liver oil" as invigorating? It is therefore subject to intensive fishing, and often worked directly on ships.

On the market it is available fresh, whole or in fillets but its more known varieties are those preserved. In Italian language when preserved under salt becomes baccalà ( dried salted cod) and stoccafisso (stockfish) when it is dried and beheaded.

here you can find Italian traditional and modern recipes with cod, all with pictures stp-by-step 

Italian recipes with cod, salt cod and stockfish

baccalà alla vicentina


cod livornese


cod livornese 

 A cod dish tasty, easy to prepare, suitable for a dinner light and healthy


flan of cod


flan of cos

A fish crown that we suggest to stuff with fresh small green beans: a dish  rich and perfumed of saffron. Recipe with salt cold  


minced stockfish salad Ligurian style



A cold and delicious dish with stockfish, even if boring to prepare. For this reason the name in Ligurian language Brandacujun means “pain in the neck”!



cream of cod



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