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making macaroni alla Norma

maccheroni alla norma

Back to the ingredients table

Preparation of alla Norma sauce step-by-step

macaroni alla norma

making macaroni

if you decide to try prepare the macaroni following the basic recipe

while they are drying prepare the sauce: chop finely garlic and onion and fry slightly in hot pepper  oil

fry slightly onion

tomato puree

when browned add the tomato purée made with the peeled tomatoes and make it  dense at low heat

cut the eggplants to small cubes and flour

flour eggplants

fry eggplants

fry in as few olive oil as possible, because they absorb all it

in the meantime boil the macaroni in abundant salted water

boil macaroni

browned eggplants

when the eggplants will be well browned  and crispy add to the tomato sauce

add salt, oregano and stir


homemade macaroni


drain the macaroni pasta well "al dente"

saute macaroni alla norma in the sauce

macaroni in the sauce

season macaroni

then season with an abundant scratch of salted ricotta

macaroni alla Norma

macaroni norma

alla norma macaroni

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