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 Razor Shells or Clams: characteristics and recipes

Razor clams are bivalve molluscs, which have the particularity of living in a vertical position in the sand, where they are able to dig a tunnel up to 3 feet (1 mt) of depth when they feel threatened. They filter the water, razor shellsas all their cousins, so it is important the origin: if the sea is polluted... Usually razor shells length is around 5,90 inches (15 cm), but some reach the 6,70 inches (17 cm). According to the subspecies the shell can be more or less thin and fragile. The colours go from beige up to a dark violet, depending from their habitat.

In general razor clams are sold to "bundles": it is important to verify that razor shells are well alive (the shell opens and the animal protrudes or retracts to contact).

cleansing razor shells

Cleanse razor clams by leaving them purging in fresh and salted water for at least an hour. Then, according to the recipes, you can cook directly,  in their open shell (being careful not to break them) or without shell.

cooking razor shells

Razor clams must be cooked....few! Anyhow you prefer razor shells, cooking time must be short (5 minutes), or razor clams will become hard, rubbery and insipid. If you cook  razor shells well you will obtain  instead  an intense and a delicate dish. Cook razor clams also simply steamed, just sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.

Italian recipes with pictures for Razor Shells

razor shells

spaghetti allo scoglio


the razor shells are an optional in this recipe

razor shell recipe3

baked razor shells


a very easy traditional recipe for the razor shells

baked razor shells2

razor shells in tomato sauce


a creative recipe for the razor shells

razor shells recipe1

razor clams

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razor shell recipes


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